Welcome to ZwiftQuest

The new virtual cycling orienteering event format

Visit all the checkpoints as fast as you can but in any order. This is not just a test of speed, but also navigation and planning.


Get Involved

Getting involved is simple,  all you need is a Strava account and Zwift membership. Sign in with your Strava account to My Zwift Quest and you are ready for your first event.

How it Works

The rules of the event are simple. The quest starts when you cross the designated start line for the quest. Cycle to all the  checkpoints provided for the quest in any order you want, by any route and cross the finish line to finish your quest.


All the quests will be listed here. The time period given to complete the quests will be stated and you will have that period to make as many attempts as you want. All the information you need will appear on the quests page.

Joining ZwiftQuest is Easy

Just click this button and you will be taken to the My ZwiftQuest page, where you can sign in with your Strava account. You are then ready to go.