January 2018 Quest 2

January 2018 Quest 2

A Pub Crawl And Stumble Into The Hills – The name of the next quest as you need to search from all three “Broom Wagon” Pubs  on the side of the road in London and and also a couple of locations in the Surrey Hills.

Your Quest begins when you pass under the red Sprint Arch on the Mall (Red Road) and ends when you pass under the Start/Finish arch near the spawn point for the last time in your quest.
The checkpoints you must complete on your quest are:
– Broom Wagon Pub 1
– Broom Wagon Pub 2
– Broom Wagon Pub 3
– Keith Hill KOM/QOM Start Line
– Box Hill KOM/QOM Start Line

You can complete the checkpoints in any order by any route.

Save your Strava activity with “ZQLDN1” in the title.

Good Luck on your Quest

Quest open until Thursday 11th 9pm PST – remember to sign up with Strava at http://zwiftquest.com/my-zwift-quest/ to see your results.

Quest times are taken from Strava activities – the start time will be taken from the first time you pass under the Sprint Arch and end time the last time you pass under the Start/Finish Arch in the Strava activity.

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