Pairs And Fours Results

Pairs And Fours Results

Thanks to everyone that took part in this Saturday’s Zwift Quest.

A total of 3,082km were cycled from 49 different teams!

The Pairs winners were team ZHQ – Tom Hargreaves  & Tom Harris – with an impressive time of 46mins 36 seconds.

Second and third place where PTZ (Pedro Barroso, Bruno Vieira) and The Voyageurs (greg woitzik , Scott Coulas).

The PTz Quest Team easily won the Fours, good work Jorge Caldeira, Kjell Sæterhaug, BJ AFONSO & Kenneth Almås. Maybe some one will take them on at the next event??

Also a special mention to Team Flatliners (Darin BoydVR & Mike Coyne) who completed the course in the shortest distance – 64.24km.

Pairs Results

# Team Name Members with Attempts Time Total Distance
ZHQ Tom Hargreaves , Tom Harris ☠️ RPR 00:46:36 64.59km
2 PTz Pedro Barroso, Bruno Vieira 00:48:35 64.58km
3 The Voyageurs greg woitzik , Scott Coulas 00:50:36 64.43km
4 Team PieLyo John Lyons, Gregory Pierre 00:51:15 64.56km
5 Team Flatliners Darin BoydVR (Zone5) (B), Mike Coyne 00:57:56 64.24km
6 McCormick Sue McCormick, James McCormick 00:59:27 67.37km
7 SchillSantel Steve Schilling, Craig Santelman 00:59:31 65.97km
8 KatNav Katherine VCF, KeithD VCF 00:59:51 64.38km
9 Peter & Dave Peter Simpson, David Vaughan 01:03:34 65.60km
10 Team Chocolate Mile Jeff Votteler, Troy Headrick 01:03:41 64.53km
11 Bagel Team Laurence Bayette, Andrew Green 01:05:39 70.86km
12 Tonge CC Nick Lawn, Matt Pickford 01:06:48 70.04km
13 BroTeam Derek Claussen, Craig Claussen 01:07:15 66.79km
14 McInnes Brian McInnes, Stacia Mcinnes 01:08:37 65.61km
15 Lean and Fearless Amy Levang, Liz 01:09:36 67.40km
16 Northern Exposure brad hochstetler, Carl Copenhaver 01:09:39 69.32km
17 Paw Patrol David Torrelio, Theresa Clarke 01:10:11 69.99km
18 Team PFD Mark Elledge, vincent chang 01:11:54 67.76km
19 KumquatPower Matthew Wigdahl, Axilla Joe 01:13:48 67.93km
20 Team C Iwerne James Little, Finn Little 01:15:02 72.84km
21 Hughesthebest Chris Hughes, Jason Hughes 01:15:02 81.46km
22 Team Ribble Bikes Paul Lidster, brian lidster 01:15:51 68.01km
23 ZoZo27 Zoltán Fazekas, Zoltán Golács 01:15:58 66.11km
24 GoTri Karl Tiselius, Jesper Hassel 01:16:19 81.83km
25 Team Frey andrew frey, John Frey 01:16:57 64.28km
26 TeamEP77 Calvin Horng, TH Yang 01:18:18 65.42km
27 Old Knackers Ben Lockett, Roger Ryburn 01:22:59 69.90km
28 The CyclePaths Sue Watkins , Marc Atkins 01:23:32 64.52km
29 QuestSisters Brianna Samuhel, Brooke Samuhel 01:24:49 65.18km
30 RoweBerry James Rowe, Dave Berry 01:26:19 78.48km
31 FSA Rodney Odvina, Mike Bundang 01:42:05 89.50km
32 Morbid719 Geoff Weichelt, Gavin Weichelt 02:30:04 69.13km
33 O.O Szabi Nagy, Szabi Nagy 11:55:20 64.90km


Fours Results

# Team Name Members with Attempts Time Total Distance
PTz Quest Team Jorge Caldeira, Kjell Sæterhaug, BJ AFONSO, Kenneth Almås 01:04:29 134.94km


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