ZwiftQuest – Get Climbing

ZwiftQuest – Get Climbing

The aim of this ZwiftQuest is to navigate around Watopia to all the checkpoints in the fastest way possible or the shortest route.

You can complete all the checkpoints in any order and navigate to them by any route. Plan ahead of time, strategize your route or just go for it on the day, it is up to you!

Your quest will start when you pass under the Start/Finish Arch for the first time and it will end once you have navigated to all the checkpoints and you pass under the Start/Finish Arch for the final time in your ride. You can take any direction at junctions you want, make u-turns, use power-ups, draft and swap bikes if you want to complete the quest.

In order to qualify your attempt you must save your ride with “ZQCLIMB” in the activity name and upload to Strava. You must also login with Strava at (link – so that your attempt will be included in the results.

Your Checkpoints
– Hilly Climb Summit Arch
– Epic Climb Summit Arch
– Volcano Climb Summit Arch

Join the events in game throughout Saturday to race head to head with your fellow Zwifters – or at least they take a different route than you!

Helpful Hints
– Check out the video of the checkpoints of the events pinned to
– Download the Quest Card (link – for the event to get an idea where the checkpoints are located.

Q. Do I need to do anything at the checkpoints? (e.g., take a picture, give a Ride On, etc.)
A. No just ride past them – the website validates that you go there through the GPS position of the checkpoint.

Q. For finishing, does it matter what direction I pass under the Start/Finish arch?
A. Any direction

You can attempt this quest until the end of Friday February 16th outside of the Zwift events.

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