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Get Involved with ZwiftQuest

Getting involved with ZwiftQuest is easy! All you need is a Zwift account and upload your attempts to Strava with the quest code in your activity name – see events & results page.

To register with ZwiftQuest, simply visit the MyZwiftQuest page, and click the Connect with Strava button.

You will then be taken to Strava where you can login, and give ZwiftQuest access to your activities.

Once access is given, you will  be logged in and can see the results of all the quests, including current events.

Why not join the quest now!

How ZwiftQuest Works

ZwiftQuest is a virtual cycling orienteering event format.

The rules of the event are simple, quests start when you cross the specified start line of each quest. You will then have to cycle to a list checkpoints provided prior to the event and cross the specified finis line to finish your quest.

• You have to complete the quest within the allotted Time Frame.
• You can tick off the Checkpoints in any order you wish.
• You can cross the start and finish lines in any direction you want to start or end your quest.
• Please avoid riding in planned groups/teams unless the quest allows it.

• Any bike allowed
• Power Ups allowed
• Bike changes allowed
• Drafting allowed

Quest Day:
• Check points will be posted on this group 1 hour prior to the race Time Frame.

Signup at with Strava at MyZwiftQuest and save your ride with the quest event code in the activity name at the end of each attempt.